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Recalled Hand Sanitizer Causes Side Effects

By Jack H. FarnbauchSeptember 29, 2020

A northern Indiana woman alleges her children had severe side effects after using a recalled hand sanitizer that contained toxic methanol and as such has filed a lawsuit against the distributor. The lawsuit names Texas-based 4e Brands North America, which distributes Blumen hand sanitizer.

The Osceola woman filed a lawsuit in St. Joseph County claiming her children’s side effects include headaches and vomiting. She accuses the company of violating Indiana’s Product Liability Act and Deceptive Consumer Sales Act. She is seeking class action status.

According to the lawsuit, “These deceptive acts are incurable because, among other reasons, the plaintiff relied upon them when purchasing the hand sanitizer and consumed the product in reliance upon the deceptive acts, resulting in personal injury.”

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