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Doctors Misdiagnosed Woman Dying of Breast Cancer

By Jack H. FarnbauchSeptember 29, 2020

Michelle Gomer, age 41, alleges in a lawsuit filed in Circuit Court in Bartow, she went to the Doctors Today LLC clinic five times over two months in 2018 complaining of a painful lump in her left breast. During each visit, neither the doctor or nurse practitioner physically examined the lump or performed diagnostic testing on her breast, but instead told Gomer the lump was caused by her menstrual cycle. Gomer is dying of breast cancer. 

The lawsuit states, “This significance of the delay in diagnosing the breast cancer caused by the Defendants was tragically the difference between her living and likely dying: Ms. Gomer’s tumor was still curable at the time she presented to Defendants; but by the time she presented to the doctors who discovered it, it was no longer so.”

Gomer moved to Indiana with her children in June 2018 to be closer to family, after finding the lump. “Had Defendants simply examined her breast and/or ordered diagnostic testing, Ms. Gomer would be looking at survival and living a lifetime with her children, ages 7, 11 and 23,”the lawsuit states. 

Between March 2018 and being diagnosed in November 2018, Gomer visited the clinic 5 times, each time no physical examination was performed. Finally, in November 2018, Gomer was told she had aggressive Stage III breast cancer and it quickly progressed to Stage IV. It has now spread to her lungs, essentially extinguishing any chances of survival.

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