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Injured in an Indiana Accident?

Injured in an accident? Do your homework before hiring a personal injury lawyer.

The accident lawyer you choose can make a big difference in the compensation you receive.  You can check out a lawyers ratings and reviews online and it makes sense to do your homework before hiring a personal injury lawyer in Indiana.

Sweeney Law Firm is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana and is devoted to the representation of personal injury victims including medical malpractice and nursing home negligence.

It’s no secret that practicing lawyers know who the best lawyers are. Lawyers know that the key to winning a serious personal injury case is to hire a law firm with trial experience, access to top notch experts, and substantial financial resources to properly fund every step of the case. We have worked very hard to gain the trust of our peers who refer serious injury cases to our office.

The Sweeney Law Firm offers free consultations. You will never pay any attorney fees or case expenses unless we obtain a financial recovery in your legal case.