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Case Results:
close-up on surgical tools in operating room$1.187 million settlement for surgeon’s negligence​$1.187 million settlement for medical malpractice for a surgeon’s negligent placement of a catheter resulting in stroke.Settlement in claim against a skilled nursing home$150,000 settlement in claim for failing to assess resident's skin$150,000 settlement in a claim against a skilled nursing home for failing to assess the resident’s skin for signs of skin breakdown.House on fire from gas explosion$2 million settlement for death of homeowner​$2 million settlement for a corporation’s failure to timely respond to signs of a gas leak resulting in an explosion and the death of a homeowner.truck collision with car$2.750 million settlement for negligent operation of a commercial vehicleThe trucker's failure to take timely and appropriate evasive actions caused the plaintiff to suffer multiple serious injuries. icy road conditions​$250,000 settlement for hazardous driving on icy road conditionsThe plaintiff suffered injuries to her neck, back and shoulder and had to undergo shoulder surgery.wrecked car​$300,000 settlement for the failure to maintain control of the vehicleThe defendant’s vehicle penetrated the exterior wall of a restaurant resulting in blunt force trauma to the plaintiff.$305,000 settlement in a personal injury case involving a motorist who was rear-ended$305,000 settlement in case resulting in multiple injuries$305,000 settlement in a personal injury case involving a motorist who was rear-endedSettlement in case involving failure to treat severe diabetes$380,000 settlement in case for failing to treat patient with severe diabetes​$380,000 settlement in a nursing home negligence case against a skilled nursing home facility for failing to properly monitor and treat evolving wounds in a patient with severe diabetes. Sweeney Law Firm$418,000 settlement in wrongful death for failing to monitor resident​$418,000 settlement in a wrongful death case against a nursing home for failing to properly monitor a resident.old rusted kid's bike​$460,000 settlement for negligent supervision of a childThe plaintiff was struck by a bicycle while crossing a road resulting in a traumatic brain injury.