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Webinar - Shifting Paradigms: Speed Trial and Damages

Shifting Paradigms: Speed Trial and Damages - A Webinar with Joe Fried

3 Hours CLE/ Distance Education

Program Chair: David Farnbauch, Sweeney Law Firm

October 28th

9:00 am - 12:00 pm ET

Online Seminar Agenda

Speed Trial:

  • Our present paradigm
    • Why does it take so long to try a case to a jury?
    • Is there a correlation between the length of a trial and the verdict amount?
    • How do fear and limiting beliefs play into our trial strategy and presentation?
    • Is there a good reason to explore other paradigms?
  • What if we could work from a new paradigm
    • Identify what the case needs to be about and what we need to prove to win
    • Get to the point(s) quickly with less fluff
    • Present fewer witnesses
    • Present fewer points
    • Could this work?
  • Examples of cases
  • How the new paradigm works in practice:
    • Discussion about identifying what the case needs to be about
    • Discussion about identifying the few critical points for a case
    • Discussion about editing facts, limiting the number of issues and number of witnesses
    • Discussion about editing content for each witness
    • How to make it easy for jurors to get the point
    • Outlines for specific types of witnesses
      • Liability witness (police officer, eye-witness, expert)
      • Medical Summary Witness
      • Doctor
      • Life Care Planner
      • Economist
      • Before and after witness
      • Client
    • Jury Selection
    • Opening Statement

Talking About Damages:

  • What is your current damages paradigm
    • Where did it originate?
    • What limiting beliefs control you?
    • Are those limiting beliefs true?
  • Who gets to decide what a case is worth?
  • What is the damages story in your case?
    • Injury cases
    • Death cases
  • Best uses of jury charges to aid in damages presentation
  • Understanding why talking about money is so difficult
  • How do you know the number is the right number to ask for?
  • New ways to talk about money
  • Economic damages: Drop them or not?
  • Anchoring
  • Talking about money in jury selection, opening, witnesses and closing
  • Using surrogates at trial
  • Other general food for thought

Joe Fried is regarded as one of the top truck crash lawyers in the country today. His passion for what he does is palpable, and his reputation speaks for itself. In addition to being one of the cop attorneys in the nation. Joe is a recognized highway safety advocate and educational leader, sharing his knowledge with other lawyers on how to maximize results in trucking litigation. He has litigated cases in more than 30 states with record results and has given over 300 presentations to lawyer, judge, and police audiences on trucking and trial-related topics.