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Sweeney Law FirmVideo Captures Abuse of 14 Year Old Boy at Military SchoolFourteen-year-old Jesse Mactagone of Auburn, California attended the St. John's Military School for a mere four days before he required surgery to repair broken bones in his legs.  According to the boy’s mother, Mactagone was pushed down while running on his first day at the military school, and cadets were...Sweeney Law FirmWeird Laws Take Effect in 2013This article outlines some laws that will be effected in a few states. It is likely that new laws enacted throughout 2013 will make these pale by comparison. In some states, old, no longer applicable laws will be modified or removed. But often, new laws come about from new, evolving...Sweeney Law FirmWhat the ""pant rant"" on talk radio misses about lawsuits  By RICHARD M. ALDERMAN Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle Every so often, our legal system coughs up an attention-getting case that provides more grist for talk-show hosts calling for changes in our civil justice system. The latest example is the now-infamous lawsuit filed by an administrative law judge who sued...Sweeney Law FirmWhat You Need to Know for Today’s Auto CaseDave Farnbauch had the opportunity to speak at the June 30, 2011 Indiana Trial Lawyers Association seminar in Indianapolis on “What You Need to Know for Today’s Auto Case” on trial strategy by presenting information about "Polarizing the Case." Dave discussed the "Polarizing" concepts to other personal injury attorneys representing...Sweeney Law FirmWhen “Peer Review” Has Ulterior MotivesA judge upheld a jury’s initial decision against the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons for biased decisions against a doctor for testifying against another surgeon. Steven Graboff is a surgeon who belonged to the AAOS and was suspended for 2 yrs for testifying against an AAOS board member. AAOS has...Sweeney Law FirmWill a Federal Compromise on GMO Labeling Trump State Law, Forever?This article was written after a recent meeting where many executives from huge food production conglomerations agreed to start labeling genetically modified organisms (GMO), or genetically engineered (GE) organisms in foods. To those only starting to follow the labeling saga, this would seem like a positive, cooperative step. To those...Sweeney Law FirmWrongful Death and Medical Malpractice suit filed.On October 24th, 2008, Dennis DeKoekkoek, a 51 year old man who struggled with obesity during his life was scheduled for a routine colostomy reversal surgery at Pinnacle Hospital in Crown Point Indiana. Following the procedure, complications arose. Dennis had trouble breathing, bled internally and died six hours after the...