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Evacuation via Helicopter Florida Nursing Home Slow to Respond to Hurricane Irma which Leads to 8 DeathsBy Jack H. FarnbauchOctober 30, 2017The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills didn't lose power during the storm. But it did lose its air conditioning, leaving residents in sweltering heat. Three of the victims were found dead inside the center, and five others died after they were evacuated.Wrestling RingNegligence Claim Against Wrestling Promotion Thrown OutBy Jack H. FarnbauchOctober 30, 2017The Plaintiff was attacked outside a wrestling event and alleges poor lighting, lack of security, and the presence of alcohol played a factor in her attack.Surgical KnifeHow Autopsies Help Establish Liability in Medical Malpractice CasesBy Jack H. FarnbauchOctober 30, 2017It goes without saying that the death of a loved one causes incredible grief and stress. One of the decisions that may come up at a hospital (in connection with the death of a loved one) is whether to have an autopsy to establish cause of death.Hospital RoomMedical Malpractice Cases Against HospitalistsBy Jack H. FarnbauchOctober 30, 2017If you are hospitalized for any length of time in a larger hospital, there's a very good chance that you will receive care from a "hospitalist." A “hospitalist” is a physician who works exclusively in a hospital setting and specializes in hospital-based medicine.Hospital RoomUnderstanding Informed Consent and Medical MalpracticeBy Jack H. FarnbauchOctober 30, 2017Informed consent means that the patient was advised of the risks, benefits, and alternatives to the procedure and, knowing these, made the decision to undergo the procedure. The reason informed consent is so important is because it is the patient's decision (not the healthcare provider's) as far as what happens to them. Of course physicians give us their opinions and give us their recommendations because they are the experts; but ultimately it is patient that makes the decision about their healthcare. Also, physicians providing medical services can not delegate to staff members the task of obtaining consent from patients for major medical procedures or surgery. When a patient is not informed of the risks or alternatives to a treatment, surgery or drug, they may have a claim against the healthcare provider. The essence of one of these types of claims is that the healthcare provider deprived the patient from making their own decision and caused harm. If you have been a victim of medical malpractice and/or deprived of informed consent, be sure to contact a knowledgeable and skilled attorney who can provide you with informed legal representation. Medical Mistakes Kill 1,000 Patients Per Day According to Hospital Safety GroupMedical Mistakes Kill 1,000 Patients Per Day According to Hospital Safety GroupBy Jack H. FarnbauchSeptember 7, 2017The Leapfrog Group recently released its Spring 2017 Hospital Safety Guide which rates hospitals using a letter grade system...Most Common Medication Errors at PharmaciesMost Common Medication Errors at PharmaciesBy Jack H. FarnbauchSeptember 7, 2017​A recent article published by is here to help you try to avoid common medication errors.Drunk Driver Accident Victim Wins Big Verdict after AppealsDrunk Driver Accident Victim Wins Big Verdict after AppealsBy Jack H. FarnbauchSeptember 7, 2017In May 2013, Andrew Pappas was driving to his job in Crown Point when his car collided head-on with a car being driven by Danny Sims, who was later...Alleged Medical Malpractice Leads to Federal Civil Rights ClaimAlleged Medical Malpractice Leads to Federal Civil Rights ClaimBy Jack H. FarnbauchSeptember 7, 2017What started as a simple medical malpractice case has turned into a Federal Civil Rights case involving racism as the heart of the issue.Abused Nursing Home Patients Again Subject to Forced ArbitrationAbused Nursing Home Patients Again Subject to Forced ArbitrationBy Jack H. FarnbauchSeptember 7, 2017A brand new Obama policy is being rolled back by the Trump administration. Last fall, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Service finalized a rule that banned...