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Son of Indianapolis Police Officer Sues City

December 18, 2014

A police sergeant used an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department database to track his ex-wife's whereabouts and gun her down, according to a lawsuit filed by the woman's son.  The son of Kimberlee Jo Carmack, an Indianapolis police officer, who was killed by her ex-husband in April, filed a federal lawsuit Monday against the city and IMPD, claiming the department failed to protect her and left her defenseless against her killer.

The lawsuit accuses IMPD of bungling many aspects of a domestic violence investigation that began March 12, more than a month before Carmack was killed. Instead of firing Anders, the victim’s ex-husband the lawsuit says, IMPD Chief Rick Hite reassigned him to administrative duties, "thus leaving him with police powers and access to the resources and personnel of IMPD that he could use to locate Carmack."

Jeffrey McQuary, the victim’s attorney said he and his client will amend the lawsuit to include additional claims of negligence that were first mentioned in the Complaint. In addition to the negligence claim, the Complaint seeks "not less than $700,000" in damages.”

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