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Elder Abuse: Stories from an Assisted Living Resident

The author of this article does not have complaints about gross negligence issues in the assisted living home where he resides. He addresses some small issues with the home that still have negative effects in how well he can carry on with his day and cope with life mentally in this type of atmosphere. The overt entries to the building will most likely be handicapped accessible, he notes. Other doors, such as access to patios and personal spaces do not offer the same access. In bathrooms, mirror and sink basins are not accessible. This impedes one’s ability to carry out hygienic routines independently. The issue of no input being allowed or listened to by administrators of these homes is mentioned. Administrators sometimes mistakenly view the residence as a business- where as the residents themselves see it as home. the disparity between views prevents changes being made that would greatly add to the quality of life residents experience. The most heartbreaking portion of the article talks about the mental states and back stories that residents often suffer. Some are simply dropped off by a family member, never visited, and left there to die alone. To read the full article, click the link: