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Don't cry for nursing homes; industry reports healthy profits; lawsuits reflect poor patient care

This was a response to an article that was pointing out how long term care providers are leaving the state of Kentucky due to a lack of tort reform. Long term care industries are complaining that frivolous lawsuits are abundant, that the state does not have medical review panels, or monetary caps to lawsuit payouts. Extendicare is a long term care provider that decided to stop doing business in Kentucky claiming the climate was too litigious. 

This article says that the profits for long term care industries was up 27%. It also pointed out that hiring appropriate numbers and kinds of staff to attend to patients would cut down on lawsuits. People who are happy with the care provided and the people who provide it do not sue. 

This article also alleges that the article,, was a piece paid for by the long term care industry. While items such as mandatory binding arbitration clauses for long term care patients may cut down on lawsuits and benefit the long term care industry, ultimately, are the patients better served? Elderly clients’ needs and rights should not be subverted to make a highly profiting industry even higher profiting and free from redress when they do cause harm.

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