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The NP did not review and approve of the physician’s report until Dec. 11, 2015 and made no further testing or treatment recommendations.Nurse Practitioner Subject to Lawsuit After Signing Off on Doctor's ReportBy Jack H. FarnbauchJanuary 21, 2020On Dec. 1, 2015 Peter Strickholm was prescribed a medication for his high blood pressure by a nurse practitioner (NP) who had recently been established as his primary-care provider.A trial court later granted the NP’s motion for summary judgment, finding she did not provide any medical care to Strickholm after Dec. 1Question of When NP Gave Care to Dead Patient Goes to Trial CourtBy Jack H. FarnbauchDecember 6, 2019On Dec. 1, 2015 Peter Strickholm was prescribed a blood pressure medicine for his high levels by a nurse practitioner who had recently been established as his primary-care provider. One of the hospital’s seven surgical instrument sterilization technicians failed to complete one of the necessary steps in the hospital’s multi-step sterilization processGoshen Hospital Patients File Lawsuit after “Sterilization Processes May Cause Infections” By Jack H. FarnbauchDecember 6, 2019Goshen Hospital patients who underwent surgery between the dates of April 1 and Sept. 30 may have been exposed to potentially serious diseases as a result of a recently discovered sterilization issue, hospital officials say.The causation issue here was not complex, and therefore we conclude that Southers was qualified to render an expert opinion and thus establish a genuine issue of material fact on issueCourt of Appeals Rules Radiology Technologist Qualified to be Expert WitnessBy Jack H. FarnbauchDecember 6, 2019After deciding that a radiology technologist (RT) is qualified to give an opinion in a medical malpractice case, the Indiana Court of Appeals reversed summary judgment for St. Mary’s Medical Center of Evansville Inc. on Oct. 29, 2019. Typically surrendering a medical license comes with no restriction on practicing elsewhere.Surrendered Medical License in One State Doesn’t Stop Physicians from Practicing in Other StatesBy Jack H. FarnbauchNovember 14, 2019urrendering a medical license is often done in the face of overwhelming evidence of unprofessional conduct.In Indiana, the statute of limitations for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit is two years.How Long Do I Have to File a Medical Malpractice Suit in IndianaBy Jack H. FarnbauchNovember 14, 2019Every medical malpractice case, in which improper or negligent treatment of a patient by a health care professional results in the patient’s injury, has a time limit known as a “statute of limitations.”Based on the answers each potential juror gave regarding the burden of proof, the plaintiff’s counsel challenged for cause nine of the initial fourteen prospective jurors.Medical Malpractice Jurors Preferred a Higher Standard of ProofBy Jack H. FarnbauchNovember 14, 2019An Indiana medical malpractice complaint was filed in state court in January 2016 after a Medical Review Panel decided the defendant met the standard of care in treating the plaintiff. Brian Tally, a Marine veteran, is fighting back, after nearly dying because of medical malpractice and still feels its effects.Continued Medical Malpractice Within the VABy Jack H. FarnbauchNovember 13, 2019A former VA pathologist was charged with manslaughter in the deaths of three veteran patients, a former nurse was charged with stealing pain medication from veterans, a VA staff member was accused of sexual assaults and another former staff member is a person of interest in multiple veteran homicides, all within the past months. Three boys accused Cavins of sexual misconduct with them during physical exams which prompted the AG to request the suspension.Pediatrician Charged with Sexual Misconduct Risks License SuspensionBy Jack H. FarnbauchNovember 12, 2019A Jamestown pediatrician charged with sexual misconduct risks having his license suspended by the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana.All remains found came from abortions Klopfer performed from 2000 to 2002Repeated Medical Malpractice Offender Found with Aborted Fetuses in Home and Trunk of CarBy Jack H. FarnbauchNovember 11, 2019The bones of numerous fetuses have been found in the trunk of one of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer’s cars just weeks after authorities discovered more than 2,000 fetal remains in his home.