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Medicare Fraud Warning Signs

This article lists some of the warning signs of Medicare fraud. Some of the signs a patient might be aware of, and some could only be caught by billing/payout personnel.

  • Double billing for the same procedure, or billing fraudulently for procedures or items that were not done/ items not received.
  • Equipment delivered by company that is old, used, in a state of disrepair, or not what the physician requested. Meanwhile, medicare gets billed for a brand new item.
  • Unnecessary procedures or tests performed
  • Fraudulently using Medicare policy number that is not your own.
  • Labs may run tests on specimens that the doctor did not specify, then bill Medicare for the extra, unnecessary items.
  • With nursing staff, hours can be billed for that a person never worked.
  • Charging the whole amount of a procedure or appointment to Medicare without getting copayment.

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