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Malpractice damages awarded for "loss of chance"

In Crown Point Indiana, a Lake Superior Court jury awarded malpractice damages to a Hammond county man whose chances of lung cancer recovery were reduced by the lack of early treatment by his health-care provider.

The attorney who represented the man's family summed up the importance of the case in his comments:

"Patients should know that malpractice damages can be recovered even though a health care provider may not have caused the disease but caused the patient to lose chances of recovery."

This case shows that every percentage of a chance for recovery has value.

When treatment is delayed due to misunderstanding the disease, misdiagnosis, or any other factor, a medical malpractice or delay of treatment malpractice suit might be pursued.

Treatment delays can greatly reduce the medical options patients have. The verdict in this case illustrates how a delay in treatment resulted in the health-care provider being responsible for damages.

It is difficult to understand all of the details of medical malpractice law. If you believe that you may have a medical malpractice case, call the Sweeney Law Firm to get your questions answered and learn your legal rights. There is no cost or obligation for us to evaluate your case.

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