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Lowest Rated Hospitals Have Highest Rates of Child Birth Complications

December 10, 2014

According to a new study, of the approximately 4 million women who deliver a baby every year in the US, approximately 13% suffer at least one major complication. You can read that study here. From failure to monitor maternal health and fetal progress to a failure to accurately identify the need for a C-section in time, these complications come in many forms and can and do have serious consequences.

The study also found a disturbing trend. According to the study, those rates of complications vary significantly across the country. Compared to better-performing hospitals, the lowest-performing hospitals in the country are frequently the scene of higher rates of complications and errors. For example, according to the study, women who underwent cesarean sections at a lower-performing facility experienced complications including infections, clots, and lacerations at a rate that was five times the rate of higher-performing hospitals. At lower-performing hospitals, the rate for these types of complications was 21%. At the better hospitals, the complication rate was approximately 4.4%.

There clearly is a larger risk for complications when choosing to have your baby delivered at a lower-performing facility. Therefore, before you choose a healthcare provider to handle your pregnancy, you should do some research on their track record with delivering babies. 

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