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Lawsuit Alleges Theft of Drugs by RN

March 26, 2015


Britte E. Smith, RN, who worked at Parkview Whitley Hospital in Columbia City, was arrested last month, charged with theft and possession of narcotics and interference with medical services.

Once it became suspicious, the hospital called the Indiana State Police, which conducted a 2-month investigation before arresting Ms. Smith, 40. When the arrest was announced, Scott Gabriel, the hospital president, released a statement saying, "Upon learning the results of our thorough investigation, I promptly contacted patients potentially impacted by the actions of the accused and shared with them our findings. I wanted to personally inform anyone potentially impacted by these actions that we have no reason to believe their health was compromised."

Three former surgical patients have filed a class action suit against Parkview Whitley hospital, claiming negligence let a nurse allegedly steal their pain medication and substitute saline solution. The lawsuit states that the hospital negligently failed to monitor who was taking the drugs and how much was being taken.

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