Wrongful Death Due to Automobile Accidents

Thousands of people die every year from automobile accidents. Sometimes negligence of a driver (such as intoxicated, or distracted by texting) can be the cause. In other instances, failure of parts in the vehicle due to faulty design (such as SUV rollovers) or manufacture are to blame. Regardless of the cause, losing a loved one is emotionally and financially devastating. Auto insurance will likely cover some expenses associated with a wrongful death due to an auto accident- but the insurance company will also be interested in paying as little as they possibly can. The decedent’s family and loss are of little concern to an insurance company.

A suit may also be brought against a car manufacturer if design flaws or poor assembly caused the accident to occur due to mechanical failure of the auto. These suits may be individual or class action if an entire line of vehicles is having similar problems and causing accidents.

If a loved one died due to an automotive accident where another driver was negligent or the mechanics of the car experienced failure, you may be eligible for damages. Call the Sweeney Law Firm and let our experts review the facts to see if you have an automotive wrongful death case. If we agree to accept your case, there will be no cost to you for representation. 

Sweeney Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid if there is a settlement or recovery of funds for you.