Pathology Malpractice

Pathology involves looking at tissue samples and cells in body fluids under the microscope and making a diagnosis based on the findings. An example is examining a breast lump under the microscope at the time of surgery to determine whether or not it is cancerous, and whether or not more extensive surgery needs to be done. Another example is reading a Pap smear.

Pathologists usually do not provide direct client patient care, and oftentimes, patients may be unaware that a pathologist was even involved in their medical care. Nevertheless, pathology malpractice can have a devastating effect on patient outcomes. For example, if a pathologist misses a cancer, diagnosing a cancer as a benign condition instead, can allow the cancer to go untreated until it is too late. If a pathologist diagnoses a benign tumor (non-cancerous) or a benign process as being cancer, this may subject a patient to unnecessary surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and months to years of physical and emotional pain and suffering.

In consultation with physicians from various fields of medicine, the lawyers at the Sweeney Law Firm will work with medical specialists to determine whether there was medical malpractice in connection with the services that were provided by a pathologist. If we determine there was malpractice, the Sweeney Law Firm may be able to recover money damage to help pay medical expenses, lost income, and rehabilitation costs as well as compensate you and your family for the emotional and physical pain and suffering (and possibly loss of life) that occurs in these cases.

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