Labor and Delivery Nurses

Labor and delivery (L & D) nurses are nurses that specialize in supporting women through the process of labor. L & D nurses are responsible for monitoring vital signs of the mother to be and fetus. They monitor the progress of labor, and help it to move along in many cases. L & D nurses coach the mother to be and assist the doctor during delivery. If the R & D nurse is a registered nurse (as most are), then she can also administer pharmaceuticals if needed. The L & D nurse is responsible for notifying doctors as to complications, interventions, or situations as they arise. These nurses are also responsible for keeping record of what is happening with the patient, what has been done as far as treatment. L & D nurses also communicate with family involved and persons present for the mother and baby at delivery.

L & D nurses should have an expanded knowledge of the organs of the female reproductive system, everything concerning pregnancy and delivery, and people, empathy skills. As stated before, most L & D nurses have a bachelors degree in nursing, are registered nurses (RN), have experience in the birthing environment, have current state licensing and accreditation as a nurse.

Nurses make mistakes just like anyone else. The area of provider error where mistakes are most prevalent, be they a doctor or nurse, are with medication. The wrong drug can be prescribed, or the right drug with the wrong dosage. Errors in performing any of the duties listed can occur as nurses often work long, exhausting shifts. If you believe that yourself or a loved one suffered a worsening of a medical condition or a death under the care of a L & D nurse, you may be eligible for damages. Contact the Sweeney Law Firm so we can review the facts. You may have a medical provider malpractice case. If we accept your case, there is no cost for representation unless a settlement or fund recovery is made on your behalf.