Preeclampsia, which is also called toxemia, is a serious medical condition that affects pregnant women and the fetus. It can occur after the 20th week of pregnancy and is characterized by the development of elevated blood pressure and protein in the urine. Symptoms may include the swelling of the hands and face. It is a very serious condition and the only solution is the premature extraction of the fetus which is a very risky procedure. The condition can be managed until the fetus is old enough to survive in the outside world.

Since preeclampsia is a condition that is associated with the mother and the baby, as well as it being a risky and complicated condition, it is no wonder that medical malpractices occur on a regular basis, mostly due to negligence. Several cases have been recorded where the doctors failed to diagnose the condition and sent the patients home to rest, which resulted in complications and even death of the mother, fetus or both. In many of those cases the doctors were found to be at fault and elevated punitive damage verdicts were brought against the negligent medical staff.

Preeclampsia can cause severe cerebral damage in the unborn child if it is not diagnosed in due time. Even though the condition can be managed, there have been many cases where the courts ruled in the favor of the patients who suffered due to malpractice even though the babies survived. If a C-section is delayed without good reason, a child may have severe brain damage that can cause learning difficulties in the future due to ischemic encephalopathy. A child may also have other problems that can be caused by the delay of a C-section.

Many doctors fail to recognize the condition in due time and this seems to be the greatest problem related with preeclampsia, so it is important for mothers who are experiencing the symptoms to get a second opinion.

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