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Sweeney Law FirmComplications During PregnancyMost pregnancies go well- the mother is healthy throughout and a healthy baby is delivered at term. Things can go wrong, however. Sometimes the female will have health issues prior to conceiving that can make pregnancy more difficult. Sometimes problems aSweeney Law FirmEvents that Lead to C-sectionsA caesarean section (C-section) is a medical procedure performed to remove the baby from a woman. The skin, abdominal wall, and uterus are cut open for the removal of the baby, as opposed to it being born through the cervix and vagina. Sometimes C-sectionSweeney Law FirmFetal DistressFetal distress is a term used to describe any situation that results in negative impacts to fetal health status. Fetal distress can be evaluated by the mother as a decrease in felt fetal movements. If a mother’s “water has broke,” and the fluid is stainedSweeney Law FirmInfections Routinely Screened for During PregnancyCertain infections are screened for during pregnancy. Most of the infections included in this list would only be screened for if the mother to be and physician felt she was at an increased risk of having contracted it. Also, the woman could request any ofSweeney Law FirmPostpartum PreeclampsiaPostpartum preeclampsia is similar to preeclampsia in symptoms, cause, and onset as related to pregnancy. Preeclampsia can develop in women who already had hypertension prior to pregnancy, and in women who did not experience hypertension previously. PostpSweeney Law FirmPreeclampsia or Gestational HypertensionSix to eight percent of women can develop gestational hypertension, or high blood pressure during pregnancy. A couple of additional names refer to the same condition -- pregnancy-induced hypertension, preeclampsia (pronounced pre-E-clamp-see-a) and toxemi