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Sweeney Law FirmBrain Infections, (Meningitis, Encephalitis)Infections involving the brain are classified in two categories. Meningitis is a form of brain infections when the membranes that cover the brain become infected. The other form of brain infection involves the actual brain tissue itself, this is called enSweeney Law FirmChiropractorsChiropractors diagnose and treat and seek to prevent issues involving the back, flexibility, repetitive motion strains to the back, and neuromuscularskelatal system issues. Chiropractics is one of the newer areas of medicine. Structured training and educaSweeney Law FirmCosmetic Surgery MalpracticeWhen it comes to cosmetic surgery, or plastic surgery, beauty is a subjective issue. Sadly, most of the world views it as the perfect “nip and tuck”. Botox and other cosmetic procedures have skyrocketed in popularity. There is no more “aging gracefully”, Sweeney Law FirmDermatologistsDermatologists are doctors that specialize in the care, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the integumentary system, which includes the skin, hair, and nails. Dermatologists are medical doctors that have completed all the standard years of medical edSweeney Law FirmEar Nose Throat (ENT) MalpracticeAn ear, nose, throat doctor (ENT), is also known as an otolaryngologist; a doctor that specializes in the study, treatment, and diagnosis of ear, nose, throat, and parts of the head and neck. These physicians provide care to individuals with injuries or dSweeney Law FirmErrors in AnesthesiaAnesthesia is an inherently risky part of any surgery and requires an anesthesiologist to administer and monitor the effect on the patient. Prior to any medical procedure requiring anesthesia, this specialist will review the patient’s medical record. TheySweeney Law FirmFailure to test/ Failure to Respond to or Communicate Test ResultsA patient seeking medical assistance is at their most vulnerable when they do not know what health issue they possess. There are times when patients go for a routine check-up where life threatening illnesses are caught in time for treatment to be effectivSweeney Law FirmImproper Use of Medical EquipmentA physician or other medical professional could scarcely do their job without such medical instruments and equipment. A doctor or hospital is held to a very high standard of care in protecting the health and welfare of its patients in regards to such equiSweeney Law FirmIndiana Birthing Injuries | Medical Malpractice LawsuitsFortunately, most child deliveries proceed smoothly without complications. However, complications can arise, both during pregnancy and delivery which result in temporary or permanent harm and injury to the baby. Medical negligence during childbirth canSweeney Law FirmIndiana Failure to Diagnose - Medical Malpractice Attorney"Failure to Diagnose" or "Erroneous Diagnosis" is considered medical malpractice. In either failing to diagnose or misdiagnosing a condition, harm or death may be inflicted on a person for a potentially treatable condition through delayed or missed therap