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Sweeney Law FirmFailure to hire and train competent employeesPhysicians are required to have the knowledge and training to diagnose and treat patients. Specific knowledge and training is required for nurses, aides, physical therapists- all the way to the janitorial staff. All staff are required to maintain a certaiSweeney Law FirmFailure to Monitor Properly During SurgerySurgery involves many people beyond the patient. Their jobs are to ensure the well-being and safe outcome for the patient that has put their trust in the surgical team. The surgical team is comprised of the surgeon, nurses, and anesthesiologist. Many taskSweeney Law FirmFailure to Properly Use and Monitor PitocinPitocin or syntocinon are the names of synthetic versions of a neuromodulatory hormone called oxytocin produced by pituitary gland. Oxytocin is often called the “love hormone.” Naturally, the hormone facilitates various social behaviors, such as mother/baSweeney Law FirmFailure to refer patients to the correct specialist in a hospital settingThe practice of medicine has become very specialized as a result of insurance specifications and physician areas of expertise. When individuals are placed in a hospital they may need specialized services either during a hospital stay or upon discharge. OnSweeney Law FirmFailure to test/ Failure to Respond to or Communicate Test ResultsA patient seeking medical assistance is at their most vulnerable when they do not know what health issue they possess. There are times when patients go for a routine check-up where life threatening illnesses are caught in time for treatment to be effectivSweeney Law FirmFailure to Treat or Stabilize in a Hospital SettingA physician or hospital failing to properly treat or stabilize a medical condition is a common medical error. When an individual seeks treatment, the hospital physician will typically make a differential diagnosis. This is the systematic way that a physicSweeney Law FirmFalls in the Nursing HomeFalls are a leading cause of injury and death in the nursing home setting. Complications from falls can be serious and include broken bones, bruises, limited movement, and brain injuries. If an elder has a history of falling, there is a good chance he Sweeney Law FirmFetal DistressFetal distress is a term used to describe any situation that results in negative impacts to fetal health status. Fetal distress can be evaluated by the mother as a decrease in felt fetal movements. If a mother’s “water has broke,” and the fluid is stainedSweeney Law FirmFetal Heart Rate Monitoring and Fetal Distress  Fetal heart rate monitoring is performed to monitor fetal distress. It lets a medical professional monitor a baby's heartbeat in the uterus, including during labor. During contractions, blood vessels in the uterus constrict, or narrow, and briefly reducSweeney Law FirmFood PoisoningIf you think you or a loved one have been a victim of food poisoning, make sure you note/document the following items:Where food was purchased/consumed (restaurant, supermarket, company or church event, etc.) Date and time if known Food responsible if kno