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Sweeney Law FirmBrain InjuriesBrain injuries can be divided into several categories: inherited, birth trauma, and acquired. Acquired brain injuries is a broad category covering cumulative and age-related brain injury, infectious agents or mechanical forces that cause brain injury. OthSweeney Law FirmBrain TumorsBrain tumors are tumors that grow in the brain. A tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue caused by cells that reproduce themselves in an uncontrolled manner. With cancer and other tumors, new cells are made even though they are not needed and old cells do noSweeney Law FirmBreast CancerBreast Cancer is the leading killer of women in the United States, affecting 180,000 annually. This averages out to one in every eight women. Additionally, for every one hundred women diagnosed with breast cancer, one man is also diagnosed with it. The moSweeney Law FirmCardiologistsCardiologists are doctors specializing in internal medicine with a subspecialization focusing on the heart and cardiovascular system (veins and arteries). The education a cardiologist must possess is a premed bachelors degree, medical school graduate degrSweeney Law FirmCataract SurgeryCataract surgery is performed to remove a cataract; an eye disease which clouds the normally clear lens of an eye. What causes a cataract is not precisely known, it is speculated that they are caused by the change in protein structures within the lens of Sweeney Law FirmCerebral HypoxiaCerebral hypoxia is a term used to describe the loss of oxygen to the brain. The term refers to the cerebral hemisphere, which is an area in the outer part of the brain. It is, however, often used to refer to the lack of oxygen supply to the entire brain.Sweeney Law FirmCerebral Palsy - Medical Malpractice AttorneyCerebral Palsy, a condition that is often confused as a specific disorder, actually refers to a range of disorders that affects a person’s motor functions at an early age, even before birth. There are several different types of cerebral palsy including: SSweeney Law FirmCervical Spine Surgery – Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF)ACDF is a very common spinal operation done by both neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons. If improperly administered or post-operative measures are not properly taken then the patient could end up with permanent disability.Charles A. SweeneyCharles Sweeney | Fort Wayne Personal Injury LawyerCharles A. Sweeney graduated from the University of Notre Dame Law School and was admitted to practice law in 1964. Mr. Sweeney founded the firm in 1984 and began limiting his practice to the representation of injured persons and their families. Mr. SweenSweeney Law FirmChiari MalformationChiari malformation is characterized by cerebellar physical malformation, and may or may not include a protrusion of this part of the brain and brainstem into the foramen magnum (the large hole at the base of the skull that allows for the connection of th