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Sweeney Law FirmLegal Ramifications of the Restraint of Nursing Home ResidentsThe restraint of nursing home residents is a very serious issue, and is strictly monitored and prohibited except in extreme circumstances.Sweeney Law FirmList of Indiana HospitalsSweeney Law Firm handles Medical Malpractice cases throughout the state of Indiana. If you would like to have your Medical Malpractice case reviewd by a board certified physician please call us or submit your case details to us. ADAMS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL1Sweeney Law FirmLong Term Care ResourcesIt is very common and often necessary for elderly members of our society to move into nursing homes or long-term care facilities upon reaching the point in life that they either require constant nursing care or have problems performing daily self care actSweeney Law FirmLoss of ConsortiumLoss of consortium is refer to a claim that one is either temporarily or permanently unable to participate in standard marital relations due to interference from the physical or emotional damage sustained by an injured spouse. These standard relations incSweeney Law FirmMalnutrition in Nursing HomesMalnutrition is associated with many chronic diseases of aging. The term malnutrition refers to both undernutrition and overnutrition. Most often times in the nursing home, it is due to undernutrition. Federal regulations under The Omnibus Budget ReconcSweeney Law FirmManaging Wandering Behavior in the Nursing HomeOne of the most challenging issues related to care of the resident with dementia is wandering behavior. It is estimated that dozens of mentally impaired elders die annually as a result of wandering. The most dangerous form of wandering is elopement, in Sweeney Law FirmMandatory Binding Arbitration Clauses in LTC Facility ContractsMany long term care (LTC) facilities, or nursing homes require that patients and/or their families sign mandatory arbitration agreements upon the patients admission. These agreements are binding and irrevocable even if the person signing did not understanSweeney Law FirmMarshall County Personal InjuryIf you are a victim to a serious injury in Marshall County, Indiana, Sweeney Law Firm's lawyers are available to help you understand your rights. The Sweeney Law Firm will determine whether you have a personal injury case worth pursuing and help you throuSweeney Law FirmMedical Malpractice Indiana | Medical Negligence CasesGeneral Tobacco Diseases Radiology Negligence Laboratory Negligence Gross Negligence Oxygen Deprivation Lack of "Informed Consent" Breach of Doctor Patient Confidentiality Treatment Errors Failure to Diagnose Cardiac Arrest Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis TumoSweeney Law FirmMedical Misdiagnosis AttorneyMedical misdiagnosis is the cause for 20% of fatal illnesses. Luckily, not all medical misdiagnoses are fatal. A medical misdiagnosis can lead to a worsening of a patients condition, a death, and undue stress and anxiety. Additionally, non fatal misdiagno