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Sweeney Law FirmEmotional Distress of Parents of Stillborn ChildEmotional Distress of Parents of Stillborn Child found Valid by Indiana Supreme Court In a landmark case filed by the parents of a stillborn child, the Indiana Supreme Court sets precedence for future wrongful death suits when a full term infant is deliveSweeney Law FirmIndiana Workplace Wrongful Death | Fort Wayne Wrongful Death Law  Employers are required to make working environments as safe as possible with proper safety equipment and training and machinery and equipment in good repair. Accidents still do occur.  Accidents can be due to negligence on teh part of an employer or comSweeney Law FirmWrongful Death Attorney - Automobile Accidents  Thousands of people die every year from automobile accidents. Sometimes negligence of a driver (such as intoxicated,or distracted by texting) can be the cause. In other instances, failure of parts in the vehicle due to faulty design (such as SUV rolloveSweeney Law FirmWrongful Death Attorney - Medical ErrorGreat faith is given to professionals who practice medicine and care for the ill.  Medical professionals, however, are all too human. They make mistakes. They work long, stressful, tiring hours that can affect their judgement and actions. Sometimes, peoSweeney Law FirmWrongful Death Attorney - Product RelatedManufacturers are obligated to produce working, safe products to consumers. Unfortunately, sometimes in the interest of saving money, faulty or cheap parts are used in a product. Sometimes money is saved by skimping on labour costs for skilled, competent