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Mandatory Electronic Logs for Truck Drivers

Federal law is changing regarding truck driver logs. 

Gone will be the days of paper logs that a driver could falsify in an attempt to stay on the road longer hours for more money. The law is being implemented in an effort to make the roads safer for everyone. Electronic on board recorders (EOBR) will take the place of paper logs. EOBRs will automatically record GPS locations of the truck, times the drivers was in locations, odometer readings of the truck in locations. This information will be sent to the companies that employ the drivers. State and federal laws were already on the books mandating how many miles or hours a driver could log in a day. It is hoped that the automation of such data will also help companies to see instantly which drivers qualify for extra work. In the past with paper logs, this task might not have been realized for days or weeks. EOBR transition for all trucks will not be realized until October of 2015.