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Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Forces Company to Leave State

One nursing home chain will no longer be operating in Kentucky, citing the state’s failure to pass legislation to protect nursing homes from lawsuits as the primary reason for leaving. Extendicare Health Services, Inc. announced it will no longer operate in Kentucky and will be leasing all of its 21 nursing homes to other companies. The company currently cares for 1762 nursing home residents.

Tim Lukenda, CEO and president of Extendicare, stated, “The combination of a worsening litigation environment and the lack of any likelihood of tort reform in the state of Kentucky has made this the prudent decision for our company and unit-holders.” Company representatives are calling for passage of bills such as House Bill 361, which would place all lawsuits against nursing homes in front of a board of medical professionals for review and the filing of the findings of the review board in a court of law. 

Other spokespersons who advocate nursing home reform state that such bills are unnecessary, and the state only needs quality nursing homes who do not abuse or neglect residents and therefore do not risk being sued. Extendicare Health Services facilities have suffered a rash of adverse lawsuits in recent years, creating a financial strain on the company.

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