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Indiana’s Hospital Errors on the Rise

According to an annual study performed by the Indiana Department of Health serious medical errors are up 11% from 2012 to 2013. The figures come from of a total of 293 hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, abortion clinics, and birthing centers surveyed. The study went on to look at certain types of medical errors and broke them down by type.

The number of Hoosiers who developed bedsores and open wounds after they were admitted to hospitals and surgical centers increased 50 percent last year. In addition, there was more than a 20 percent increase in patients who woke up from surgery to discover that surgeons had operated on the wrong body part. Across the state, 45 patients reported getting pressure ulcers (also known as bedsores) up 50 percent from the year before and the highest total in the report's eight-year history.

In northeast Indiana, errors were noted at Parkview Regional Medical Center, Lutheran Hospital, Orthopaedic Hospital of Lutheran and Vibra Hospital, all in Fort Wayne, and at Parkview Whitley Hospital in Columbia City. Surgery was performed on the wrong body part at Lutheran Hospital, and the same error was made at the Orthopaedic Hospital of Lutheran. Bedsores were acquired by two patients after they were admitted at Parkview Regional Medical Center. Vibra Hospital reported one patient who developed a bedsore after being admitted, and Parkview Whitley Hospital performed the wrong surgical procedure on a patient, according to the state health department's report.

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