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Planned Parenthood Physician Facing Criminal Charges for Falsifying Her Indiana Medical License Application

December 22, 2014

Mandy Gittler, a former Planned Parenthood of Illinois physician, was sued after a fatally botched second trimester abortion on a young woman in Illinois back in 2012. While the woman’s wellbeing sunk further and further into danger, Gittler delayed her transport to the hospital for 5½ hours. By then it was too late. The patient died from internal injuries that had been inflicted upon her by Gittler during two consecutive incomplete abortion procedures that ruptured her uterus and caused internal hemorrhaging. Planned Parenthood of Illinois ended up settling with the family of the deceased for $2 million dollars.

After failed stints at facilities in Peoria, Illinois and Kalamazoo, Michigan, on September 3, 2014, Gittler submitted an application to obtain a medical license in Indiana, which was granted on November 7. On her Indiana application, next to a question that asked whether she had ever had a malpractice judgment against her or settled any malpractice action, Gittler had marked the box indicating “no.”

It is unsure whether the Indiana Attorney General will seek criminal charges, but if the office finds that Gittler committed perjury, she could be criminally charged.

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