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Indianapolis Neurosurgeon Leaves Hospital Group Quickly Following Medical Malpractice Claims

By Jack H. FarnbauchJanuary 4, 2018

Many Indianapolis patients of Dr. John Cummings are wondering where he went. An Indianapolis CBS affiliate has run a television broadcast in November 2017 asking the same question, with several medical malpractice victims coming forward.  

John Cummings was a neurosugeon at Community Hospital East from early 2010 until December of 2015. Whether he was let go by the hospital or he quit, is unclear. Patients of Cummings only received a short letter stating that Cummings would not be their doctor anymore. Cummings has not practiced medicine since his departure from Community Health in 2015.

Cummings does however leave behind a large number of medical malpractice accusations. In the last four years, 15 patients have filed claims against Cummings. Additionally, an earlier 2011 case was settled for $1 million dollars, just one month after Cummings left the hospital. The Plaintiff is this case alleged that a piece of equipment "entered the spinal canal" during surgery, causing the patient to be permanently disabled. The Medical Review Panel ruled in favor of the Plaintiff and the case was settled. 

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