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Benefits of a Video Statement of a Treating Physician Vs. a Narrative Report

By Jack H. FarnbauchMay 22, 2020

When it comes time to submit a demand to an insurance company, there are several ways to obtain documentation that supports your case. Many times, all you need to gather and submit to the insurance company are the patient’s medical records, bills, lost wage documentation, and any other documents to prove damages were sustained. But there are some instances where it is beneficial to request a narrative report or take a video statement of the plaintiff’s treating physician. 

Requesting a narrative report from the patient’s treating physician consists of writing a letter to the physician itemizing the questions you would like them to answer. In the request, ask the physician to answer the list of questions and put the answers in report form on their letterhead. The “narrative report” can then be produced to the insurance company along with your demand as additional support to prove your damages. 

Another option, in lieu of a narrative report, is to ask the patient’s treating physician to answer your questions while being videotaped. Then, the video can be submitted to the insurance company along with your demand. The attorneys at Sweeney Law Firm often opt to provide the insurance company with a video statement of the treating physician so the insurance company can hear about the patient’s damages directly from the physician instead of reading about it in a report. 

In our experience, a video gets more attention from the insurance company than a report and is worth the time and expense in the long run.