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Video: Nursing Home Concerns with the Affordable Care ActNursing Home Concerns with the Affordable Care ActHost 1: Welcome back to InSight with Dave Farnbaugh who has been kind enough to join us again. We are talking about nursing home care and it's such an important topic. President Obama was reelected yesterday and that obviously will raise some issues because that's going to mean that Obama...Sweeney Law FirmNursing Home Neglect Attorneys Victim of Nursing Home Neglect? Contact us for a Free Consultation The Sweeney Law Firm has been handling nursing home neglect cases for over 20 years. Video: Nursing Home QualityNursing Home Quality“There was a recent study that came out in the Indianapolis Star. They did a pretty comprehensive study of the nursing homes in the state of Indiana and they found out that Indiana ranks 51st out of the 50 states. You might say, “Well how did we get to 51st?”...Sweeney Law FirmPressure Ulcers and the Problems They Cause | Indiana Nursing Home AbuseIndiana Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer David Farnbauch from the Sweeney law firm discusses pressure ulcers and the types of problems they cause for older people in nursining homes. If you have a loved one in a nursing home that is bed bound, you want to make sure to check their...Video: Preventable Medical Error Help | Indiana Medical Error LawyersPreventable Medical Error Help | Indiana Medical Error LawyersWhen we need to use the health care system, we do our best to choose the right doctor and trust that we will receive the highest quality of care. Unfortunately, for too many patients are injured every year when medical providers don't fallow patient's safety rules and makes medical mistakes...Video: Preventable Medical Errors Indiana Lawyers | Fort Wayne Medical MalpracticePreventable Medical Errors Indiana Lawyers | Fort Wayne Medical MalpracticePreventable medical errors pose a real risk and are responsible for billions in unnecessary health care costs. The good news is that some major hospitals are taking important steps to determine how  errors happen and how they can be prevented.  When medical errors happen it's important to do a thorough...Sweeney Law FirmProbate Court: Personal Injury and Wrongful Death CasesInsight Interview with David Farnbauch, a Sweeney Law Firm Partner; explaining what Probate Court is, and how it is involved with Personal Injury Cases involving minors and Wrongful Death Cases.Sweeney Law FirmRecent Developments in Indiana Malpractice LawLatest video from Indiana medical malpractice lawyer Dave Farnbauch on the recent Developments in Indiana medical malpractice law. Video talks about how the medical malpractice review system in Indiana is working. Video: Recreational AccidentsRecreational AccidentsCHARITY FREEMAN Well the weather has finally warmed up in the Midwest and that means people can finally get outside and enjoy some of those recreational sporting activities they love to do like jet skiing or boating, being outdoors with your family and friends, but unfortunately sometimes those can...Sweeney Law FirmSerious Fall Accidents & InjuriesInjured in a serious fall in Indiana? Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non fatal injuries to older adults.  Falls can lead to a a lifetime of disabilities and high medical costs.