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Advantages of a Physician as a Medical Malpractice Attorney

INsight Interview with Dr. King from Sweeney Law Firm explaining the advantage of having a physician as a medical malpractice attorney. 

Video Transcript:

Q Welcome back to INsight.  We’re here at the Sweeney Law Firm studios and we want to talk to Dr. King about one of the things that makes Sweeney Law Firm unique is you.  As a practicing physician, you bring a wealth of information that other attorneys wouldn’t have?

A That’s true.  That’s true.  There is a certain advantage to being a physician and a medical malpractice attorney.  I have the unique understanding of the medicine, but also the law and I know how to talk to physicians, so when we are doing the medical review panel process, I am definitely able to discuss these issues much better than most attorneys.

Q And I think there’s a certain level, I would feel, as a client, that you can talk to me, you can translate medical-ese back to English.

A That’s actually one of the roles I enjoy the most.  As a physician, I sometimes put on that physician hat, even for our clients in the law firm, because a lot of times they have medical questions that they want to understand, you know, what should have happened in this situation, how should this have gone and one of the great things that I can provide to clients is those clients who don’t actually have a medical malpractice case, who maybe had a bad outcome, where I can just give them the peace of mind to say this is just one of those things in medicine that happens and it didn’t happen because of a physician or a nurse making a mistake.

Q Right.  Because so many times you can’t let it go until you hear from an expert that, you know what, that’s just part of medicine.

A Absolutely.  And a lot of times doctors in a hospital setting are not quite as candid as I will be with our clients because they have the benefit of being able to speak to a physician who’s not their physician, who’s not taking care of them, and so maybe doesn’t necessarily have to be careful about what I say. 

Q Do you know a lot of physician-lawyers?  I mean, it doesn’t seem like I’ve met very many. 

A I don’t.  I know a few, but I’m actually the only one I know that still actively practices both.  I’ve actively practiced neurology part-time, but most of my time is spent doing medical malpractice, legal work.  Most of the other physician-attorneys I know either practice law or medicine, but not both.  But I don’t know any other physicians working in a law firm and, in fact, in Northeast Indiana there are no other law firms that have a physician-attorney working in the firm.

Q Yes, so you’re a huge resource.

A I believe so.

Q I mean, you know, I know it’s hard to just, yes, I’m a resource, but, I mean, in all honesty, when I have a medical malpractice case, I would love to have somebody that speaks both attorney and doctor. 

A Yes, and that’s something that most of our clients appreciate and they value that.  That’s something that we have definitely been able to give to our clients, a service that we can provide that other law firms can’t. 

Q A lot of times people think, all right, I have nowhere to start, I have no money, I’ve been injured, I’ve been wronged.  What does a person do when they think they can’t afford justice?

A Well, first of all, there is absolutely no fee if we don’t recover for a client.  We don’t charge to review a case.  If somebody’s worried, they think they might have a case, they can call us and we will review it for free.  And then even if we go to trial, trials can be very expensive, but a law firm like Sweeney Law Firm that practices only with medical malpractice and personal injury can, we have the resources where we can actually front those costs and pay for the trial and at no cost to the client, unless we recover for them.

Q Yes, so there’s no reason not to contact Sweeney Law Firm, even if you don’t think you can afford it.  You probably can, at least, get started and get some good answers. gives you more information about contacting them or the number on the screen.  We’ll be right back on INsight.