Nursing Home Abuse Statistics for Indiana

Reports of nursing home abuse and neglect are on the rise. Across the country, more and more nursing homes attempt to provide care for a greater number of residents with fewer, less qualified staff. Much of this is spurred by a desire for greater profit margins.

Indiana is no exception. In fact, of the 50 states, Indiana ranks 37th in terms of the average quality of care in nursing homes. 

Basic Statistics

  • There are 507 nursing homes in Indiana certified for Medicare and Medicaid care. 
  • Indiana's certified nursing homes have 49,312 available beds.
  • At any given time, roughly 79% of beds are occupied. This number fluctuates slightly.

Our Stars Could Shine Brighter

Medicare uses a 5 star rating for nursing homes. Here's how Indiana's nursing homes fare:

  • 16% maintain a 5-star rating.
  • 25% maintain a 4-star rating.
  • 21% maintain a 3-star rating.
  • 21% maintain a 2-star rating.
  • 14% maintain a 1-star rating.
  • 2% maintain a 0-star rating.

The higher a facility's ratings, the better the quality of care it offers, according to Medicare's standards. Those with particularly low ratings are often watched more closely, as they have generally had multiple instances of potential abuse and neglect.

Who Owns the Nursing Homes in Indiana?

It's easy to dismiss all or most nursing home abuse as an attempt to earn a higher profit margin. However, the majority of Indiana's nursing homes are not for-profit enterprises. Understand, however, that just because an organization bills itself as not-for-profit does not mean that they don't operate as a business and attempt to cut corners. 

  • 14% of Indiana nursing homes are government owned. 
  • 29% of Indiana nursing homes are owned by for-profit entities.
  • 57% of Indiana nursing homes are owned by not-for-profit organizations.

A mere 2% of Indiana's nursing homes are operated within a hospital. Most of them (87%) do not offer continuing care. 

Complaints in Indiana Nursing Homes

One of the most telling statistics about any nursing home is the number of complaints filed against it. On average in Indiana:

  • 25% of nursing homes have no complaints filed against them.
  • 19% of nursing homes have 1-3 complaints filed against them.
  • 55% of nursing homes have 4 or more complaints filed against them.

Complaints do not automatically indicate that the nursing home is at fault. Faulty complaints are often filed for any number of reasons. However, if a facility has numerous complaints filed, it is a good indication that the quality of care is questionable.

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