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Every year, in the U.S., over 65,000 motorcyclists are injured on America's roadways. A momentary lapse in attention or judgment by an automobile driver can result in severe, even catastrophic injuries for a motorcyclist. The vast majority of motorcycle accidents occur in intersections because automobile drivers were either not looking or claim to have been unable to see the motorcyclist until after the motorcycle accident has actually occurred. The lack of physical protection that a motorcycle provides for its rider makes motorcyclists particularly vulnerable to injuries in accidents. In fact, a motorcycle rider or passenger is 5 times more likely to be injured in an accident than the occupant of an automobile. Since 1984, the injury lawyers at the Sweeney Law Firm have helped many injured riders and families of riders who are killed in motorcycle accidents.

The cause of a motorcycle accident is not always black and white. Insurance companies and their attorneys defending automobile drivers involved in motorcycle accidents frequently blame the motorcyclist for driving too fast or failing to look out for their own safety. Given their eagerness to blame the motorcyclist rather than admit responsibility, it is important to thoroughly investigate each motorcycle accident as soon as possible following the collision to preserve valuable evidence regarding the speeds of the vehicles and distances involved. Eyewitness testimony is often critical in establishing liability for a motorcycle accident.

It is also important to hire attorneys experienced in representing motorcycle accident victims. The dynamics of motorcycle crashes are different from those involving other types of motor vehicles. The Sweeney Law firm looks beyond the investigating officer’s “version” of the accident. We hire skilled accident reconstruction experts and conduct our own investigation to uncover whether another driver or a dangerous road condition caused or contributed to a motorcycle accident.

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