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Sweeney Law FirmCan an Attorney from Indiana represent me in a personal injury case stemming from an accident that occurred in another State?Yes. The Sweeney Law firm frequently represent people who have been injured in accidents that occur in other states or clients who have claims against parties in other states...Sweeney Law FirmHow long should I wait before consulting an Attorney?Delay can cause problems. The defendant normally contacts his or her insurance company immediately after the accident. The insurance company dispatches claims adjusters to interview witnesses and gather evidence. If you wait several weeks or several moSweeney Law FirmWhat Do I Do Following an Accidental Injury or Death?Obtain names, adresses, and telephone numbers of all witnesses. Photograph the scene where the injury occurred and any visible injuries (cuts, bruises). Professional photographs are preferable, but not essential. Talk to no one about the accident orSweeney Law FirmWhat if the Other Driver has No Insurance?Just because the other driver did not have insurance coverage does not mean that you cannot collect for your injuries. Your own auto insurance policy or someone else's policy may provide "uninsured motorist" coverage. We will ascertain whether there arSweeney Law FirmWill the Insurance Company offer a fair settlement if I don't have an Attorney?Insurance companies usually do not admit responsibility or part with money easily. Most successful recoveries are the product of many hours of hard work resulting in a well-documented claim. If you are uncertain about the value of your claim or want a Sweeney Law FirmWill the Sweeney Law Firm help me collect damages for the property damage to my vehicle?In most cases, you can settle your property damage claim without the assistance of an attorney. If your vehicle can be repaired, you are entitled to the cost of the repairs. If your vehicle is totaled, you are entitled to the fair retail value (also kn