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Sweeney Law FirmBill would make compounders register with FDAThe bill was spurred on by the recent deaths and infections caused by fungal contamination of drugs from a New England compounding pharmacy. Many are wondering if compounding pharmacies lack oversight that might have prevented contaminated product release. The bill, the Supporting Access to Formulated and Effective Compounded Drugs Act,...Sweeney Law FirmCadmium in Jewelry: Federal Regulators Failed to Protect Children from Cancer-Causing MetalsThe US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is under fire because many jewelry items manufactured in China and sold in this country contain high levels of the dangerous metal cadmium. The cadmium is dangerous if ingested, as it can remain in the body for years and acts as a carcinogen...Sweeney Law FirmCan a Nurse Be Held Liable for Malpractice in IndianaINDIANA MALPRACTICE - NURSES As many can attest, when admitted at a hospital, the person you may see the most might be a nurse. As with doctors, nurses are healthcare professionals that can be held liable for a mistake. There are six different ways a nurse can commit malpractice: Failure to...Sweeney Law FirmCardiac Science Corporation AEDCardiac science corporation automated external defibrillators (AEDs) manufactured by Cardiac Science Corporation are part of a class 1 recall because of the units failing. AEDs are used to treat persons who are believed to have had a heart attack, and/or found unresponsive. The AED will detect heart rhythms and tell...Sweeney Law FirmChanges to Payment of Claims Indiana Senate Bill 354, sponsored by State Senator Allen Paul (R, 27th Dist.), proposes to require claims for payment from the State’s medical malpractice Patient’s Compensation Fund to be computed and paid every three months instead of every six months as required by current law. Under current law, claims for...Sweeney Law FirmClaims Against Government Entities and Public EmployeesIndiana tort law is very complex. When filing a claim against a government entity or public employee in Indiana, there are many rules to which you must adhere. Contact the Sweeney Law Firm if you have been involved in any accident that involves a state or local governmental agency...Sweeney Law FirmContaminated Steroid Solution Finally in CourtTwo years after news broke that hundreds of patients sickened by contaminated steroid solution, lawsuits on behalf of those patients against the company that made the solution and the clinics that bought and administered the injections are coming to life in civil courts. Indiana victims are part of a meningitis-related...Sweeney Law FirmCorrelating Car Accidents and the Time of DayThere is a block of time during the day when more car accidents tend to happen. The hours from three to nine pm on weekdays is the timeframe that most accidents occur in. From six to nine pm, more specifically, accidents are at a higher risk of occurring than at...Sweeney Law FirmCourt upholds $300,000 Verdict in "Patient Abandonment" The Indiana Court of Appeals upheld the first malpractice judgment against former Merrillville, Indiana nose doctor Mark Weinberger. This suit is one of more than 350 medical malpractice claims that have been lodged against Mark Weinberger where it is alleged that he performed unnecessary or poorly performed surgeries.Sweeney Law FirmCritical Errors rise to a Five Year Peak in 2010Indiana hospital and surgery center critical errors increased to 107 in 2010 from 94 the previous year according to the Indiana State Department of Health.  Fort Wayne’s Parkview Hospital lead the way, reporting five incidents. This put them into a tie with a South Bend hospital for the most critical...