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Hospital-Acquired InfectionsUV Light Could Bust Hospital-Acquired InfectionsOctober 22, 2012With hospital-acquired infections (HAI) being in the top 5 causes of death in the US, there could finally be some good news in this area. Traditional cleaning with heavy disinfectants has had little effect on eliminating bacteria in health care facilities and equipment where these “bugs” are becoming increasingly resistant...Spray SunscreenBanana Boat Recalls Sunscreen Due to Fire RiskOctober 22, 2012Twenty three varieties of Banana Boat sunscreen are being voluntarily pulled from store shelves by the manufacturer of these products as five injuries from burns have been reported in the US and Canada this year. The spray valve is believed to be faulty, causing the product to be over applied...Meningitis Outbreak Toll: 23 DeathsOctober 21, 2012Meningitis cases that are being caused by steroid injections manufactured by New England Compounding Center have caused several more deaths. The current number of fatalities is 23. 284 people in 16 states have been infected with meningitis from the tainted shots so far. States where cases have been reported are:... High Cost of Health Care in America The High Cost of Health Care in America - Don't Blame the Legal SystemMarch 9, 2012What the Business Roundtable knows about American health care Ezra Klein - Washington Post Tuesday, March 6, 9:19 AM On Sunday, I reported on new data from the International Federation of Health Plans showing that health-care prices are far higher in the United States than anywhere else. An MRI,...Rick Santorum's Hypocrisy on Damage CapsRick Santorum's Hypocrisy on Damage CapsFebruary 6, 2012Rick Santorum's (and the GOP's) Damage Cap Problem February 1, 2012 This article was published on Huffington Post. Rick Santorum is not the first politician to be caught in a "Do as I say, not as I did" moment. So when it came out this weekend that Santorum had asked...National Hospice Company Accused of FraudNational Hospice Company Accused of FraudJanuary 31, 2012Federal attorneys are suing Aseracare for fraudulently enrolling non-terminal patients in hospice care. Aseracare is an Arkansas-based company that provides hospice care. The company set high patient quotas for employees to fill and offered prizes to employees. Persons within the company tipped the government off to the company’s fraudulent practices...$3 Million Award in Indiana Drunk Driving Lawsuit $3 Million Award in Indiana Drunk Driving LawsuitAugust 28, 2011In May 2006, Robin Chaplin’s 23 year-old son Charles McAlhaney was killed in a drunk driving car accident in New Castle, Indiana.Justices decide golf ball injury caseJustices decide golf ball injury caseMay 21, 2011Taking a swing at an issue of first impression, the Indiana Supreme Court has ruled on a golf ball injury case and rejected the concept that a sporting event participant owes no duty of care to protect others from inherent risks of the sport in all situations. Instead, the five...The High Cost of Poor Nursing Home Care in the U.S.The High Cost of Poor Nursing Home Care in the U.S.April 12, 2011Washington, DC – April 8, 2011 – Twenty years ago, The National Consumer Voice for QualityLong-Term Care[*] released a compendium of research that proved the axiom “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The High Cost of Poor Care-The Cost Effectiveness of Good Care Practices (1991) showed...Medical Errors Driving Up Cost of HealthcareMedical Errors Driving Up Cost of Healthcare, Not the Legal SystemApril 12, 2011Approximately 1.5 million measurable medical errors (out of a total 6.3 million measurable medical injuries) leached $19.5 billion from the American economy in 2008, representing an average total cost per error of $13,000, according to a new analysis of insurance claims data completed by the consulting firm Milliman for the...