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Correlating Car Accidents and the Time of Day

There is a block of time during the day when more car accidents tend to happen. The hours from three to nine pm on weekdays is the timeframe that most accidents occur in. From six to nine pm, more specifically, accidents are at a higher risk of occurring than at other times of the day as this time covers the evening commute. People driving during this time are more likely to be tired from working all day, emotionally spent from dealing with drama at work, overly anxious to be back home in a hurry. 

The hours past nine pm at night (be it a weekday or weekend) are also of special concern in car accident statistics. Every hour past nine pm sees a steady increase in the percentage of drivers that have been drinking. 

Statistically, driving during the day (before three pm) is the safest driving time due to less people on the road and the likelihood that drivers will be alert and rested.

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