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Nursing Home Neglect:
Sweeney Law FirmHealthgrades study finds that 250,000 Medicare deaths were preventableApril 6, 2007According to the Fourth Annual ""Patient Safety in American Hospitals Study"" released in April of 2007, approximately 250,000 Medicare patient deaths involving medical errors could have been prevented, the study found.    The study tracked 16 patient safety measures over the three-year period. The safety problems with the highest rate...Sweeney Law FirmAging America: Elder Abuse on the RiseThis article is about an anonymous elderly woman who is living at a shelter that exists solely to support victims of senior abuse. This article also outlines why the number of senior abuse cases are on the rise. There are not enough shelters like this one to address the growing...Sweeney Law FirmBe Very Careful When Signing Nursing Home Admission ContractsWhen your loved one becomes a resident at a nursing home, your loved one or a family member who is serving as a power of attorney or guardian will be asked to sign a written contract with the nursing home. In general, the nursing home contracts spells out the resident's...Sweeney Law FirmBill To Establish Minimum Nursing Staff Ratios for Health Facilities Unlikely To Pass Indiana LegislatureIndiana House Bill 1023, sponsored by State Representative Clyde Kersey (D, 43rd Dist.), would set minimum direct care nursing staff ratios and registered nurse staffing for Indiana health facilities beginning July 1, 2012, but appears unlikely to pass this year. The bill would require every health facility, including nursing homes...Sweeney Law FirmDon't cry for nursing homes; industry reports healthy profits; lawsuits reflect poor patient careThis was a response to an article that was pointing out how long term care providers are leaving the state of Kentucky due to a lack of tort reform. Long term care industries are complaining that frivolous lawsuits are abundant, that the state does not have medical review panels, or...Sweeney Law FirmElder Abuse: Stories from an Assisted Living ResidentThe author of this article does not have complaints about gross negligence issues in the assisted living home where he resides. He addresses some small issues with the home that still have negative effects in how well he can carry on with his day and cope with life mentally in...Sweeney Law FirmFederal Watchdog Report Says Medicare Paid $5.1B to Nursing Homes Offering Poor CareNursing homes across the country received what amounted to $5.1B in 2009 for providing substandard care to residents. Many facilities did not adhere to or follow care guidelines set by federal groups assigned to setting  and policing nursing home standards. An estimated third of Medicare recipient patients who needed nursing...Sweeney Law FirmFlorida Rejects Arbitration of Wrongful Death Claim Against Nursing Home; Issue Remains Open in IndianaA recent decision of the Florida Supreme Court ruled that a man’s wrongful death claim against the nursing home where his uncle died could proceed in court and was not required to go to arbitration, despite a clause in the nursing home admissions contract that called for arbitration of all...Sweeney Law FirmHow to Report and Resolve Problems in Nursing HomesReporting Problems in Indiana Nursing Homes If you have a problem at a nursing home, talk to the staff involved. The staff may not know there's a problem unless you tell them. Video: How to Select the Right Nursing HomeHow to Select the Right Nursing HomeHost: Welcome back to INSight. We are joined now by Dave Farnbaugh from the Sweeney Law Firm and we're talking about something that’s really important to a lot of people my age, choosing a nursing home for our loved ones. People my age as our parents get to their older...