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Sweeney Law FirmIndiana's Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates Heading LowerDecember 14, 2007Doctors, hospitals will see amounts paid to compensation fund ease in 2008 By Daniel Lee, Indianapolis Star December 14, 2007   Indiana physicians and hospitals are going to get a break next year on how much they pay into the state-run fund that makes payments to victims of medical malpractice...Sweeney Law FirmMedicare Will No Longer Pay for Hospital ErrorsSeptember 4, 2007Medicare Says It Won’t Cover Hospital Errors By ROBERT PEAR Published: August 19, 2007 WASHINGTON, Aug. 18 ”” In a significant policy change, Bush administration officials say that Medicare will no longer pay the extra costs of treating preventable errors, injuries and infections that occur in hospitals, a move they...Sweeney Law FirmIndiana's Med-Mal Laws Unfairly Favor DoctorsMay 2, 2007On April 23, 2007, Mr. James Padilla, an attorney and a victim of medical negligence, wrote an excellent ""guest editorial"" on Indiana's Medical Malpractice Act. Mr. Padilla's guest editorial was published in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette at Law FirmThe Medical Malpractice MythMay 30, 2006In January 2005, President Bush gave a speech on medical liability “reform” in Collinsville, Ill. The president’s podium was in front of bleachers full of cheering doctors, beneath a large banner that read: “Affordable Health Care.” President Bush’s speech proceeded through the medical malpractice myth point by point: the frivolous...Sweeney Law Firm$390,000 verdict in Stahl vs Physician Dr. WeinbergerA Merrillville, Indiana jury returned a verdict of $390,000 in favor of William Stahl against former ENT physicial Dr. Mark Weinberger for medical malpractice. Sweeney Law Firm$6.4 Million Awarded after Misdiagnosed Heart ConditionA Pennsylvania jury has awarded $6.4 million to the children of 38 year old Derrick Harlem after ER Doctors misdiagnosed his heart condition.  On May 31st, 2009, Harlem passed out while playing basketball and was taken to the Temple University Hospital emergency. Even though Harlem’s symptoms were consistent with that...Sweeney Law FirmBest U.S. HospitalsHospitals that rank best in specific areas can be found at this site. Specialties of a hospital can include treatment for cancer, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, endocrinology, neonates, nephrology, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, urology. The rankings of hospitals listed are based on the following criteria: Offers care in a particular specialty-especially good outcomes...Sweeney Law FirmBill that Could Affect Medication LawsuitsA new bill introduced to the House and Senate could affect the future of medication-related lawsuits. The bill would require manufacturers of generic drugs to update product labeling to reflect safety information in a similar manner that brand name drugs are required to inform the public of timely safety information...Sweeney Law FirmBill would make compounders register with FDAThe bill was spurred on by the recent deaths and infections caused by fungal contamination of drugs from a New England compounding pharmacy. Many are wondering if compounding pharmacies lack oversight that might have prevented contaminated product release. The bill, the Supporting Access to Formulated and Effective Compounded Drugs Act,...Sweeney Law FirmCan a Nurse Be Held Liable for Malpractice in IndianaINDIANA MALPRACTICE - NURSES As many can attest, when admitted at a hospital, the person you may see the most might be a nurse. As with doctors, nurses are healthcare professionals that can be held liable for a mistake. There are six different ways a nurse can commit malpractice: Failure to...