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Myths and Truths about Medical Malpractice

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Here are some of the myths and truths from David A. Hyman, M.D., J.D, and Charles Silver’s, J.D. article titled “Five Myths of Medical Malpractice.”

Myth #1: “Malpractice crises are caused by sudden rises in payouts and claim frequency.” The truth is that most payments are a result of voluntary settlements and any crises were not caused by spikes in malpractice litigation.

Myth #2: “Physicians are just one malpractice verdict away from bankruptcy.” The truth is that jury trials are uncommon and plaintiff victories are even less common. Further, out-of-pocket payments by physicians are extraordinarily rare and physicians typically have insurance policy limits of $500,000 (or more).

Truth #1: “The malpractice system is slow, taking on average about two years between an injury and the time a lawsuit is filed and roughly the same amount of time again for the case to be settled.

Truth #2: “Damages caps do little to improve the malpractice system, don’t make health-care safer, don’t reduce health-care spending, or make the liability system work better.”

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