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Dementia Care Costing Over $150 billion, USA

Age-related dementia is chronic, degenerative, and renders those who suffer from it dependent on care. It is the dependent long-term care costs for patients that has driven the annual price tag for dementia patients into the $150 billion plus range. 75-84% of the costs associated are for the care aspects of the patient with dementia. These costs are expected to double by the year 2040 because of the costs of healthcare, and the large number of people from the baby boomer generation, and people living longer lives overall.

Previous studies involving only Alzheimer’s related dementia estimated costs of dementia care to be far lower than the current study which included all reasons for dementia and the costs associated. There will be no let up in the climbing costs of dementia care unless a break is make medically. Obama signed a law in 2011 that tracks numbers of people afflicted with dementia and Alzheimers. The law also sent additional funding into research for new treatments for the condition.

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