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Being Informed of Dangerous Medical Products and Devices

By Jack H. FarnbauchAugust 31, 2020

Making decisions about personal medical procedures is never easy. We rely on medical professionals and product manufacturers to ensure that medical devices are safe and effective. Most of the time the products are safe, helping millions of individuals each year improve their quality of life. But what happens when medical devices are defectively designed or manufactured, or sold with inadequate warnings regarding risks, complications, and side effects? What happens when medical devices malfunction or fail?

Many times, the FDA approves a product and it is released to the public before any adverse effects are existent. All too often, adverse side effects do not become apparent until several years after the products’ release. In many cases, the manufacturer is liable. In some instances, companies reevaluate and recall their dangerous products later. This typically occurs after discovering initial research was inadequate to uncover relevant risks about the drug or medical device. It also occurs after patients suffer injury and send adverse event reports to the FDA.

That is why Indiana law allows 2 years after the discovery of the injury for suit to be brought in some cases or 10 years after the product was produced. If you think that you have been a victim of a faulty medical device or drug, please contact us here at the Sweeney Law Firm.